Swach Barath Mission (Rural)

Individual Household latrines

The mission aims to ensure that all rural families have access to toilets. The incentive amount provided under SBM (G) to the beneficiary shall be upto Rs. 12000 for construction of one unit of IHHL and the central and state share of this incentive shall be Rs. 9000 and Rs.3000 respectively.

Rural Sanitation Mart

Community sanitary complexes comprises an appropriate number of toilet seats, bathing cubicles, washing platforms, wash basins etc can be setup in a place in the village acceptable and accessible to all. Ordinarily such complexes shall be constructed only when there is lack of space in the village for construction of household toilets and community/GP owns up the responsibility of their operation and maintenance and gives a specific demand for the same. Teh maximum support per-unit prescribed for fora community sanitary complexe is Rs. 2 Lakh. Sharing pattern amongst central government, state government and community shall be in the ratio 60:30:10.

Solid and Liquid Waste Management    

Solid and Liquid Waste Management is one of the key component of SBM (G) as its objective is to bring-in improvements in the cleanliness, hygiene and general quality of life in rural areas. The total assistance for SLWM projects shall be worked out on the basis of the total number of households in each GP subject to a maxixmum of 7 lakh for a GP having upto 150 households, Rs 12 lakh upto 300 HHs, Rs.15 lakh up to 500 HHs and Rs.20 lakh for GPs having more that 500 households. Funding of SLWM project under SBM(G) is provided by central and state government  in the ratio 75:25

Communication and Capacity Development Unit (CCDU)

The Government of India has sanctioned a CCDU specifically for sanitation sector with the objectives to develop state specific information, education and communication strategy and provide capacity development of functionaries at all levels.

The objective of CCDU is to develop communication strategies for reform initiatives in sanitation sector and also to provide capacity development of functionaries at all levels. The unit is to provide IEC/HRD support to State Suchitwa mission and districts. It will provide HRD/IEC inputs to all Swachh Bharat Mission projects and also to Malinya Muktha Kerala. The CCDU will also document successful IEC/HRD initiatives in the State and disseminate the same among functionaries at different levels.

Information Education and Communication

For creating attitudinal and habitual change among the people towards sanitation, hygiene and waste management, Information Education and Communication unit is functioning in Suchitwa Mission which utilizes the funds from both state and central schemes. To sensitize the public and create awareness among people Suchitwa Mission has been utilizing all possible means for campaigning and disseminate messages regarding scientific waste management, promoting segregation at source, reduce waste generation, reuse resources at its optimum and donating recyclables to scrap dealers.


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