Information Education and Communication

For creating attitudinal and habitual change among the people towards sanitation, hygiene and waste management, Information Education and Communication unit is functioning in Suchitwa Mission which utilizes the funds from both state and central schemes. To sensitize the public and to create awareness among people Suchitwa Mission has been utilizing all possible means for campaigning and disseminate messages regarding scientific waste management, promoting segregation at source, reduce waste generation, reuse resources at its optimum and donating recyclables to scrap dealers. The IEC activities for the year 2015-16 is titled as Freedom from waste Campaign and the major activities are

Ø  Green Protocol observation in events and festivals in the state

SM has come up with a new idea for the reduction of waste as it is the primary responsibility of citizens with regard to waste management, resource conservation, environment conservation etc.

Through this, disposable that would have been piled up as garbage has been avoiding in the festival and events and there by create a good example that shall be followed anywhere for events and carnivals and we have already set a few examples in this front.  . Also it is proved that life without disposable is quite possible and the solution for the garbage-piles would not be brought by anybody instead it lies within you. Suchitwa Mission targets to disseminate the concept ‘reduce the use of disposables, reuse non- bio degradable at its optimum and keep non- bio degradable separately for recycling without being mixed them with bio-degradable wet waste’. 

Volunteers of National Service Scheme are engaged in the Kalolsavam venues to implement the green protocol by putting a check on the items that people carry towards the venue and if anything of potential garbage is found, it would restrain at the entrance itself. Also green protocol sensitization cards are distributing to the public which convey the message of how there discards are to be managed. Food is being served in Eco-friendly utensils and drinking water in steel glasses provided Suchitwa Mission. The food left-over will be composted by using bio-bins and will be used for organic farming.

Instruction boards made of eco-friendly materials like cloth banners, coconut/palm leaves etc are displayed in the venues regarding green-protocol instructions and waste bins of eco-friendly materials are made available in such venues to dispose the discards.


Ø  Promotion of Source Level Composting through MPKBY agents

The MPKBY agents of National Savings Scheme Department all-over the state is oriented on source level management of waste i.e.  segregating the waste and storing the clean and dry for recycling and composting the organic waste. These agents has been communicating to their clients while they visit households for their monthly thrift collection and also provide technical assistance on scientific waste management to the households they visit.

Ø  Commercial Videos & Jingles

A variety of commercial advertisements has produced with the support of film fraternity and has been telecasting through television channels. Videos and jingles on safe handling and management of inorganic domestic discards, composting of organic waste, detrimental effects of unscientific management of waste etc are made available for public by the IEC division. Public or institutions can be sourced these videos and jingles from Suchitwa mission

Ø  Booklets, leaflets and publications

Scientific waste management, source level treatment of waste, composting and resource recovery, green protocol etc need to be communicated with the public on regular basis through various channels like educational institutions, residence welfare associations, non-government organizations, government departments etc. hence effective communication tools need to be developed and for this booklets, leaflets and other publications are available with Suchitwa mission to disseminate the message among public and bring-in behaviour change. 


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