To generate model plans for sanitation and waste management and to motivate Local Self Government Institutions to implement the customized plans successfully.
To create awareness among public on different aspects of health, hygiene, sanitation, water, Solid and liquid waste management and septage management by facilitating active community participation.

  1. To instill a sense of responsibility and desire for participation in people in the community effort for environmental sanitation.
  2. To catalyze development of a behavioral change among the people of Kerala towards waste management and environmental up keep.
  3. To channelize behavioral change into action for private investment in sanitation.
  4. To generate a new healthy citizenship believing in zero waste concepts by Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover; at least 80% of the waste generated.
  5. To strengthen local capabilities to plan, build and manage sanitation and waste management programmes through appropriate capacity development initiatives.
  6. To enable every household, every community and every Local Self Government Institutions to acquireadequate and appropriatefacility for safe management of human excreta and solid and liquid waste.
  7. To channelize resources for Local Self Government Institutions for undertaking IEC, capacity development and infrastructure development for safe management of human excreta and solid and liquid waste.
  8. To develop and promote a range of cost effective, location specific and suitable technology options for a participatory environmental sanitation programme.
  9. To focus gender issues in water, sanitation and health.
  10. To conduct study and research in areas of sanitation, waste management and safe drinking water.

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